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Oh, my thoughts are all so painfully unique

15 March 1990
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Currently doing a bachelor of arts the University of Queensland, majoring in Art History and Study of Religion.

enjoys baking, procrastinating, drinking too much coffee, crafty endeavours, "geeking out"

currently reading: Napoleon: The Path to Power 1769 - 1799 by Philip Dwyer and about a million other things. (yes, I'm still reading this. It's heavy going.)

currently watching: The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire although I'm having difficulty deciding whether I really like the second of those or not.

Currently loving: the fact that I only have one more semester of my bachelors degree.

Currently hating: all sorts of things.

Currently wanting: Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery

Currently perving on:
your mum.
and Titus Welliver. But only in Deadwood. It's the beard.

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aaron eckhart, abe sapien, abe/liz, accents, alt-country, americana, antiques, architecture, art, art history, b.p.r.d, baking, baroque art, baroque pop, batman, bauhaus, bj hunnicutt, bolivian folk music, books, bruce robinson, brutalism, brutus, btvs, camp deli managers, captain barbossa, charlie brooker, comic books, costume dramas, crazy leg dancing, cricket, crochet, crowley, cupcakes, cussing, dark horse comics, david bowie, david mitchell, day-dreams, dc comics, dean winters, design, dick wolf, discworld, diy, doctor who, dr harry cunningham, dreams, echo and the bunnymen, english panel shows, expressionism, fantasy, firefly, gappy teeth, geeks, geometric abstraction, georgian dance, german expressionism, germany, giant squid, gilamonsters, hawkeye pierce, hellblazer, historical costume, history, hp lovecraft, illustration, james may, jane austen, jawn, jay baruchel, john constantine, joss whedon, kitsch, libraries, life on mars, lighthouses, literature, m*a*s*h, magic realism, mark millar, masks, michael corleone, monty python, moustaches, mythology, nac mac feegle, neil gaiman, nick cave, nightmares, noses, octopuses, older men, oz, paul mcgann, pavement, pinup art, police procedurals, post-punk, postcards, public transport, punk circa '77, reading, religious art, russian constructivism, ryan o'reily, sam vimes, science fiction, sea gulls, shakespeare, shooing away donkeys, sideburns, silver foxes, southern gothic, starburst grape lollipops, stephen malkmus, stubble, superheroes, superman, tasseography, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the high seas, the sandman, the shins, tobias menzies, tommy corn, top gear, toys, vertigo, warren ellis, watchmen, whodunits, winter, withnail and i, world music, world religion, zombie movies